Best quality TMT bars in Tamil Nadu

Our KISCOL TMT FE500 bars are manufactured in German EVCON TURBO technology process. No.l KISCOL TMT bars are supplied in uniform length and breadth. We are very much pleased by the people from all the sectors widely accepted our bars as best selection.
We consider customer's acceptance as our biggest success for our growth.


Properties of Kiscol tmt bars

Strength Very high as grades of Fe - 500 & 550 are easily achievable
Elongation Very high in all grades and over - achieves the elongation requirement in the recent amendment to IS 1786 for earth quake resistance.
Weld - ability Better and no loss of strength
Formability Excellent due to uniform elongation Bend 1D and Re - bend 4D
Ductility & Fatigue Strength Very high Most suited for earthquake resistant structures
Fire Hazard Negligible loss in strength up to 500 deg C
Corrosion Resistance Better Corrosion resistance
Work ability Pre-welded meshes can be used
Overall Economy Availability of Grades Fe-500 & 550 results in steel saving

special features

  • Higher strength with better elongation.
  • Excellent Weld-ability.
  • Resistant to fire hazards.
  • Excellent Ductility.
  • Higher Fatigue Strength.
  • Easy work-ability at site.
  • Better bonding strength.
  • Better Corrosion resistance.
  • Achieves better results than BIS Standards.

    Advantages of TMT BARS

  • Savings of 14 - 19 % Steel.
  • Reduction in Costs.
  • Reduced Transportation costs.
  • Better Safety of structures.
  • Easy working at site owing to better ductility & bend ability.
  • Better Corrosion Resistance.
  • Good Weld-ability.
  • Resistant to fire hazards.

    For Earthquake Resistance, structures need to be provided with balanced Stiffness, Strength & Ductility between its members, connections & supports.

    KISCOL TMT Bars provide very high strengths with comparatively higher Elongation Values along with better Ductility as compared to other Rebars. Better Weld-ability of TMT Bars helps in making high strength connections with other sections with little overlap.


    KISCOL TMT bars, test results have shown no loss of strength up to 500 deg. C. In the temperature range 550 to 600 deg. C, the Yield strength decreases by 20 N/ sq. mm. only.

    Hence TMT bars can be used in places prone to fire hazards. In CTD bars there is a large loss of strength at elevated temperatures.


    KISCOL TURBO TMT bars, have better Corrosion Resistance property than normal CTD Bars. In TMT Bars, the fine layer of scale forms a protective layer thereby preventing further corrosion, whereas, in CTD Bars, this initial layer of scale falls down during the Twisting process.

    Corrosion Resistance can be further improved as per the requirement of the Customer by altering the material chemistry. The company consists of a dedicated technocrats assisted by people having high caliber of knowledge and aptitude in this field.

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